Wednesday, July 1, 2009

My experience with Kausika Agasthya Nadi Josiyars in Tambaram Chennai

This is a repost of a message I sent to

I guess this particular Nadi Jothida Nilayam is pretty much popular, situated as it is in one of the fast developing hubs in South Chennai. Nevertheless, if anyone wants to know the exact location, it is near Philip's hospital, New State bank colony, West Tambaram, Chennai. I went there, with my parents, around Feb end this year. We had to be there by 8:30 am as that's
when they close the gates and start taking the finger prints. They will take 3 copies of your thumb prints and ask you the place you're coming from and if there is more than one person in your group they will assign numbers 1, 2, 3 etc.

Fees - Rs 325/- per individual for Kandam 1, Rs 300 for reading Kandams 13, 14.

You would be asked to wait in the room in first floor. There is a TV to keep us entertained while the search is going on downstairs for our olachuvadi. If they are unable to find your olachuvadi, you don't have to pay any money. But you would have to come prepared for a long wait until they pick up your olai and call the name of the place you're coming from and your corresponding number.

The nadi readers are mostly young men in their 20's, wearing white shirt and dhoti. They would ask you questions like what's the first letter in your name, what's the last letter in your name (mine, as you can see is a pretty long name) and also ask you questions like whether you're married, was it a love marriage etc. Based on your replies they would sift through various olai leaves until they arrive at your olai. I must admit that I went there with a curious, yet sceptical mind. But it was quite amazing that once they came across the olai which was definitely mine, further statements they made covering my personal details were startlingly accurate. Once they locate your olai chuvadi, they would again tell you to wait and after a while they would call you inside a room to give you your readings. I am not sure what's happening in the intermediate period. It's possible that the first olai list is an index using which they locate the detailed olai readings maintained in the house.

What they normally do is to recite the content of Kandam(Chapter) 1 of your olai which is basically a summary of all the important incidents of your life, actually just a little bit about the past, but a lot more on the present and future. This information is present in the olai in classical Tamil, so even as they read the olai, they would also translate the content in vernacular tamil, and in English(if you don't know Tamil). The readings are recorded in an audio cassette and would be given to you. Chapters 13, 14 relate to doing Pariharams(atonement). The idea is, if you do the pariharams with full spirit and devoted mind, you would go a long way towards reducing your present and future sufferings (caused by bad karma). In Kandams 13 and 14, they would also tell you who you were in your past birth and what all good/bad things you did then to merit a rebirth. They would also give you a note book in which they have written down the predictions - past, present and future.

In my case I found the predictions of the past and present correct. The Pariharams I was asked to do were of 3 categories

1) Visiting Temples near Chennai and doing Archanai there. I was asked to do this at 3 temples, Dhenu Pureeswarar at Madambakkam, Thiruverkadu Amman temple, Marudheeswarar temple at Thiruvanmiyur.

2) Offering Guru Daanam. This involves collecting various articles as Guru Dakshinai (fruits, flowers etc) and pay some money to the person designated as our Guru. If we don't have a Guru, we can offer it to the Naadi reader. He would take you to the pooja room where pictures of Agasthya and other Rishis/ Gods were kept and he would accept the dakshinai on behalf of Rishi Agasthya.

3) Deekshai Kandam. We can get prayers done on our behalf by shelling out a certain amount of money. These prayers if performed well would help us tide over crises in our future life. In my case, the nadi reading was that I need to pay up only one-fourth of the cost of the pooja. The rest would be taken care of by the establishment themselves (as suggested in my nadi leaves). They
would collect our name, nakshatra and contact details, perform pooja on a daily basis and send the prasadam to our address.

As far as I was concerned, I was facing certain problems in my family life as well as in my career. I did the pariharams to the best of my ability and already see some encouraging results. Maybe by end of September, when my astrological bad period gets over, I will be able to give a
full update on the effectiveness of these Pariharams. Irrespective of whether the pariharams work or not, it was an interesting experience, meeting the naadi readers.

Regarding the Deekshai Kandam, personally I believe that doing stotra/mantra japam ourselves is a more effective way of reducing our bad karma, rather than asking some archaka to do it for you. So I am also doing some chanting on a daily basis. But who can say for sure in which way God's will and favour works? Great men have said that ultimately, it's the faith alone that matters, not the means.


Sunny said...

Renuka Narayanan's article today in Hindustan Times - "that the leaf calls you when it's time."

Presumably your experience quoted here doubly suggests me to have that experience with utter truth - of my family.

Is there any way to send and accept thumb impressions in advance; of my family by the Nadi
Josiyars - so that I can come on time to get relieved of the waiting. The reason behind this is

I will be coming from Mumbai to have this wonderful experience. Having said that there are lot of Nadi Josiyars who advertise; but I wish to have the right nadi josiyar to give me the truth of our lives.

May God Bless You.

Yours truly,
Sunil M.

Jagan said...

FYI, the intermediate time is for the guy to write the olai contents in the book. It takes some time and effort to read that and write in the book. Only a few people in that group do the writing as they write clear with a good handwriting.

Anonymous said...

Just came back to my hometown after experiencing the nadi josiyam.As for me, it is more to 'astrology' than nadi reading.No details was shown to me eventhough I know how to read tamil.They get all the answers through the questions that they ask.The nadi josiyars should automatically allow us to see the contents of the olai chuvadi.

Anonymous said...

I have visited this place in tambaram. I went there with a lot of hope and anticipation. But, I was extremely disappointed in the end. My advice to others is never visit this place with expectations of accurate predictions. My predictions were exactly what I told them during their questioning. There is no yes/no. They very cleverly gather the information out of you by repeating the same questions repeated with different choices every 5 mins or so. Everything they told me is what I told them earlier. I could have done a better job with the little astrology i know. Do not waste your money. I always had a fascination for Nadi but now I'm beginning to think it doesn't exist!!!! Sorry to disappoint guys.

Ashok Kumar said...

Mr. Hari, now it has been 2 years past. shall I know the level of accuracy of predictions during this time. Thanks.

Anonymous said...

i went to this place with lots of hopes as i had heard a few good reviews about it. But guess what, it was an absolute waste of time and money. Ended up wasting a whole day. the guy asked me many questions regarding my parents names, my education, date of birth etc. For eg 1 ques was if i was born after june. then after asking other ques he came back to dob and kept asking ques till he found my dob from me. In this way he found out all the other details also. when i asked him to tell me about any event which happend in my past/present he was not able to, and told me only future predictions can be told. THIS PLACE IS UTTER WASTE!!STAY AWAY

Anonymous said...

This is not Nadi astrology for sure. Its purely vedic astrology with Nadi coverup. They tell your fortune based on planets and gochar!!
I was here few days back.. if you think that by finger print they wil find leaf with all your detail then that is a myth!!
what they will do is ask you multiple question uness they hav answer of it..
first leaf
Q1) You were born in summer? No
second leaf
Q5) You were born in cold? No
third leaf
Q12) You were born between June to september? Yes
q13) You were born in june? No
forth leaf
Q18)You were born between August and September?
Q20) You were born in july? Yes

No in between these question he will also confirm your time, place, your father starting ending alphabet and number of alphabet. Your mother name, number of brother and sister. You job type.. all with these trick question.

and in final leaf he will repeat all the informarion that you provided and call it as "this is your leaf"

Now coming to astrology, he will tell you what will you do in which year...all these are based on planetary position and transit if you are aware of astrology. So I dont find anything worth visitiong here except if you want a vedic astrology report which you can get over websites for 500 rs.

By the way, they are charging 900Rs. If you want remedies and all, they will charge 500 for another chapeter and if you want pooja remedy then again 500. But i dont think you will get into those detail since you are intelligent enough to check this doing a google search..before reaching there.

Take care..

Anonymous said...

I went there last month after reading some of the positive comments. let me tell you what happens there..

we have to be there by at 8am. they will ask for just your thumb impression(TI) and the city name you are from. they don't get your name or any other details and ask you come come in the afternoon. may be by 3 or 4 pm, in the mean time they claim that the oolai (scripts) will be searched for some aspects that match your finger print. but in real, they don't do anything with that info.

then, in the afternoon session. they will start to call you out by city name and say they have found the oolai(palm leaf with the scripts) for your TI and will ask you for confirmation relating to your past history. they would hold the bunch of oolai in front of them and read out that text in tamil poetic form and translate it in conventional tamil. but what they say is not the actual translation. if you listen closely the pure tamil and the translated one, it wont have any relation at all in most of the time. after all, its the language we learnt from the birth, can't we get the meaning of it when we can understand atleast 30% of telugu or malayalam though we didnt get a formal learning..
when they see the person they will form a preconception about which industry they could be from, age, marital status and narrow down to the actual details by probing further getting every detail from yourself. for this they will act like, the details you said didn't match in many leafs and finally found the one exactly matching everything you told.

it's basically memory and acting skill that's required to make us believe. they will give very general predictions like, you will get married to a very good guy and will get 1 girl and 1 boy kid. recently came to know, for one of my relative they gave the prediction as 1 boy and 1 girl 10 years ago, but she has got both girls.

it's a complete fool game and for that they charge 500 rupees. now, i think i could have spent it for some entertainment or offered it to someone in real need of it for food.

please don't waste your money to let them make you believe you are fool, because that's how i feel now.

Kathiravan said...

I recently visited that place. and the same pocedures. then finally after 4 hours waiting they called me. I was asked to sit in a seperate room. then he came who reads the palm leaves. He started and asked me continuously questions about my family. I was telling only yes/no. then after 60 leaves suddenly he said my wife name, then he said my parents name and about my kid. after few hours he called me again read the whole leaves. Really shocked .. he said my alias name and my fathers ocupation. He recored and gave me the CD. I was not able to believe it.

The very second day I wanted to check the same for my wife. We both went and follwed the same procedures. After one hour waiting they got my wifes palm leaves. they asked the same kind of questions. he dint get her chuvadi in that bundle of chuvadi. Then he searched and came back with a new one. Then again he asked the same kind of question. Then he got her chuvadi. He confirmed the exact name of her fathers, mothers, husband(me), her name. rasi, laknam. Really I could not believe it. This time I asked my wife too not to tell any parents name and personal info, eventhough they got her chuvadi. Really her fathers name was accurate which is not a normal and familiar name. her mothers too very different name. (Father Muslim- Mother Hindu) They finally did it. I started beliveing that we were (Indians) most powerful in the world to predict the future. 100 % accurate for both of us.

Anonymous said...

I went to a nadi josiyar with the thumb print of my daughter. The only thing they said was that there were a lot of dhoshams, which can be overcome by spending rs 150 for 140 days for poojas. Maybe in the past the seers could intuitively predict some things correctly. But today, many of them are jokers out to make money.